We are based in Perth WA and available to shoot all over Perth and the South-West.

Where are Art & Kisses based?

How far in advance should we book?

Once you have settled on your venue and secured your date, I would get in touch. We often take bookings 12-18mths in advance but we do also take early bookings, get in touch to see if we are available on your date.

Yes! Your wedding day will pass by so quickly and when you look back you want to remember the smiles and hear the laughs, reminisce your vows and capture the memories. This is a day you can't replicate but you can re-live it. So YES you need a wedding video!

Do we really need a wedding film?

We are really laid-back and shoot very unobtrusively. This allows you to just be yourselves without any performance pressure. We pull together the best bits from the day and capture just you two loving on each other all in a honest and real film.

What if we are shy?

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please! we just require a vender meal per videographer/photographer - this keeps us going and on our toes for the whole day.

Do you need parking?

Yes please! we need to make sure that we are everywhere that you are - before you! So we don't miss any important shots, we can't risk driving around looking for a parking spot and miss you walking down the aisle, your reception entrance or putting on your dress! so we kindly request that there is a reserved space for us at all venue's or valet parking if it is a hotel.

What is a ceremony & reception speeches edit?

This is uncut documentary footage, cleaned up and graded to look lovely and supplied as a seperate videos. We use multiple cameras for different angles and hook up to the sound system or use lapels to professionally record the audio.

Yes! Stacie will take the photos and Ryan will capture the film, a keepsake of your whole story. We have two packages that have combined photos and film, with the option to have the ceremony and speeches audio incorporated into your film or not..

Can I book you for photography and film?

When will we receive our film and photos?

Creating your beautiful Wedding film takes time, we personally filter through all the footage and pick the best shots, please allow 8-10 weeks for the edit process. This is the same with photos, we curate a gallery of over 600 photos and lovingly edit each one.

We prefer not to hand out the raw files as it is unfinished and not a true representation of our work. A lot of effort goes into our work behind the scenes, such as post production and colour grading to create your final product.

Do we get raw footage or unedited photos from the day?

How do you choose the music?

Music is a such an important part of a film, it sets the tone on how you feel... Imagine watching ‘The Notebook’ without any music, you would loose all them feels “it wasn’t over… it still isn’t over!” I’m already tearing up! Anyway, it's so important. Saying that, you also can’t just go and have a top chart song either, it will cost the earth and your video will be banned from socials.

We source and license all our tracks (which is included in your package) and know the best sites for royalty free music. We have a style and pick a soundtrack that works perfectly with your film, however if you have a style in mind you are after, chat to us and we’ll find something you’ll love.

From a videography standpoint, light is a key factor and will greatly influence the mood we are able to capture. Golden hour is the best time of the day! In the last two hours before sunset, the sun is at it’s lowest point before setting, creating beautiful golden light and long, flattering shadows. If your ceremony is outdoors in the middle of the day, we’d recommend finding some shade to avoid harsh downward light.

A lot of reception venues have very downlight and dim lighting, making it quite dark and flat. Try and incorporate festoon lighting, lots and lots of little lights! Or choose an outdoor venue. Nothing beats the outdoors.

Pay attention to light

Planning alone time with your new spouse on the wedding day can easily be forgotten in the midst of it all, but it’s one of those things that if it happens, it can greatly benefit your wedding day experience – after all, it’s all about you two getting married, isn’t it? 😉

Plan on sneaking away for a few minutes here and there where you two can be alone to savour the moment. I know, I know I’ve said it a million times before, but having a first look can truly transform your wedding day. A first looks allow you to be TOGETHER and alone on your wedding day.

Set aside alone time

Move your bodies

If you can, walk between photo locations, jump around, laugh, be silly and drunk in love. The best footage we get has movement and lots of it! For this reason we encourage you to choose photographers who also like to shoot like this. Real and emotive.

Unplugged wedding

Consider asking guests to put away their phones, iPads, cameras and electronics during the ceremony. We’ve had a few almost-amazing moments ruined by large iPads or iPhones being held up in the aisle way. Without all those distractions, your guests will be able to focus solely on the two of you, and the reason they’re there. Instagram can wait.


Every once in a while, STOP and look around. Take a mental snap shot of what is going on. Breathe in, breathe out. You’re getting married!