Bespoke fine art albums are a beautiful way to tell your story, every moment is thoughtfully placed on luxurious double page continuous spreads and ready to be loved and pored over for generations.

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The Matte Art paper prints are a luxurious soft paper printed using dye based inks that penetrate deep into the paper for durability and protected with a Matte finish. These lay flat albums are hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. Each album is bespoke and we will design and revise it together, until you are happy with the result.

10 x 10” album

25 spreads (50 pages)

Linen, Vegan Leather or Cotton cover
Personalised engraving of your choice
Lovingly packaged in a linen presentation box


or $1500 if purchased before your wedding


Your chosen designed will be engraved into the album cover material. This process allows for details that are far finer than typical embossing can achieve. There is no colour added, each material responds differently to the engraving process revealing an incredibly unique design that is made to last.



We have a wide range of album covering materials from, linen, vegan leather, velvet, cotton and premium leather hide. We have a sample booklet we can show you so you can see and feel the materials in person, or you can view the swatches in the link below.

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